Giving This Omega Classic Restoration

Giving This Omega Classic Restoration

Omega Classic Before Restoration

Brief Background on Omega Watches

As one of the finest leading brands in the luxury watch industry, Omega has built quite a reputation throughout the years. With their innovation going as far back as 1848, the brand’s first workshop assembled pocket watches in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland. These movements became popular and demand spread across countries. However, the brand didn’t become recognized as “Omega '' until 1894 when sons Louis-Paul and Cesar reshaped the workshop into a manufacturing facility in Bienne.

Initially, Omega wasn’t manufacturing full timepieces; only the calibers that powered them. These pocket watch calibers were pendant-wound and were constructed using techniques that made it easy to alter or service while keeping excellent time for its era. Such success was Omega experiencing with the manufacturing of their calibers that in 1903 and on, every timepiece that left the facility was stamped and branded “Omega”. The classic Omega Calibre was so prosperous that this same movement continued to be crafted for pocket watches all through 1967.

Over the years, the brand continued to gain recognition and popularity all around the world for the reliability and accuracy of its timekeepers. In the early 1900s, Omega was the leader in mass-producing the most accurate chronometers for pocket watches and wristwatches.

Before the 1970s, competitions for chronometer trials used to be held to determine the most accurate timekeeping tool made to date. Omega held several records for multiple categories in these trials. So well known did they become that in 1932, Omega became the official timekeeper for the Olympic games, and it’s been that way ever since.

Getting Watch Ready for Complete Restoration

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The watch repair we will speak on came from a customer looking to give his Omega a complete restoration externally and internally. The watch was not in working condition and the movement was dry. There were also several scratches and dents we knew we could help remove. Every Omega watch that comes into Gray and Sons Jewelers for repair will automatically receive a year warranty once received by the customer post-repair, (24 months for Rolex).

First things first, we open the case back of the watch and look for any rusted or damaged parts that need replacing. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem on the watch and know what extra parts are needed, our watchmaker takes apart the watch piece by piece and prepares it for cleaning.

The movement, crystal, and watch stem is separated from the head and bracelet. The case and bracelet is given to our head polisher while our watchmakers begin working on the movement. Piece by piece, our watchmaker begins dismantling the watch’s mechanism evaluating every piece that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Once the watch parts that need attention are identified, our watchmaker prepares the standing parts to be cleaned and sources the parts that need to be replaced. We use six different cleaning solutions in an ultrasonic machine to make sure all dirt, dust, and dried oils are extracted from every crevice within the watch parts.

Once the watch parts are cleaned, the watchmaker starts to reassemble the movement while adding lubricants wherever designated and replacing all the gaskets for water resistance. This tedious process usually takes around 1 to 2 hours per watch! Of course, assuming the watchmaker isn’t interrupted and all parts continue functioning.

Since this watch had a simple time-date complication, the overhaul of the movement was fairly straightforward. Each of the layers must be individually inspected and cleaned. Since the outside of the case needed some significant work done, we had our polisher start off by giving this watch and bracelet a deep clean in our ultrasonic machine.

Our head polisher then went in to examine the piece and determine the original patina. We then confirm how exactly the customer wants the finished piece to look like. When we first received the watch, there was no distinguishing between the high polished and satin polished segments. The entire watch had seemed to have been previously buffed completely shiny.

We made sure to recreate Omega’s original factory design for the polishing of this watch, as the client requested. In this case satin on the outer and center part of the links, high polish on the other two internal parts of the link.

Once our watchmaker puts together the movement and re-cases the watch, it's time for the final steps of our repair process. Prior to returning the client their watch, we must execute a final quality control process to assure the watch is running as accurately as possible.

In this quality control, we measure the watch’s amplitude and water resistance using special machines. One that listens to the heartbeat of your watch and another simulates a deep plunge using air pressure to check for leaks in your watch. We also check that all complications are functioning fully; in this case the date function. If both amplitude and water test come out good, the watch gets put on our winding wheel for observation where it rotates and mimics the movement of the wrist.

Brief Background on Omega Watches

Finished Omega Complete Restoration

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Attention to Detail

With this machine, we can analyze the power reserve on the watch and make sure the automatic is providing power up to par throughout the day. Our entire repair process usually takes around 3 to 6 weeks total.

What Client Has To Say After Receiving His Repair:

" Dear Keith,

After searching the world for someone competent to refurbish my Omega watch, I finally found you. This watch went to the Omega service center in Miami, Nesbit's Fine Watch Service in Seattle, Washington, and finally to Omega headquarters in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Everyone refused to service the watch. You are a master at what you do. You are someone who respects the fine art of watchmaking. The watch looks gorgeous. I am so pleased. The watch now provides perfect time.

I am also grateful for the history you provided concerning Omega contract watches. It is refreshing to find someone who takes pride in their work. In the future, I will trust only you to service my watch. Thank you so very much for your service and the beautiful mahogany case.


Frederick E. S. "

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