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When seeking the epitome of style and grace from one of the world’s most renowned names, our selection of pre-owned Tiffany jewelry will always rise to the occasion. You can get timeless pieces that will make you look and feel special. At Gray & Sons, we like to find vintage items from the brand and sell them at a discount so that you can get the highest value.
Audrey Hepburn made the jewelry company famous with her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wearing a “priceless” yellow Diamond necklace that only one other person has donned. The brand has since become one of the most heralded designers with a global presence. Due to this reputation, Tiffany & Co has been synonymous with romance, proposals, and marriage for almost two centuries. They also set the standard for using sterling silver in most of their pieces.

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Tiffany & Co Jewelry

Pre-Owned Tiffany Jewelry

All of our Tiffany wares are available under Affirm payment plans. Pay as little as seventeen dollars a month to get that item of your dreams. We list our discounts and can verify each of them as authentic, with a team of experts and artisans on hand.
You receive luxury jewelry at a great value. In addition, feel free to make an offer on any of our pieces.

Tiffany Necklaces

A casual yet elegant option is the "Atlas Bar Surfer" necklace with black enamel, sterling silver, and a rubber cord. Roman numerals are etched against the pendant. It’s also unisex, meaning that anyone can wear it and look great. Take it to the beach, or to your next summer outing.

If you want a more formal take that still shows love and whimsy, try the Elsa Perretti Open Heart Style Necklace In Sterling Silver. Representing how people feel more joy when they connect with each other, the silver hearts link together to form a sixteen-inch chain. A simple clasp adds a subtle finishing touch, barely noticeable but still important.

Sometimes a person wants a more traditional and classical taste to match a need for variation. You can’t go wrong with pearls, which hearken back to earlier times.
One such example is the Tiffany & Co Akoya Pearl necklace that has a light pink color to match any skin-tone. 18K gold makes up the clasp and the enhancers which will add some glow. You get a gentle, understated color palette as a result, which makes this necklace great for formal occasions.

Tiffany & Co. Earrings

Generally, Tiffany wants their earrings to fit any occasion. You can get studs that have smaller details, or ones with particular accents. Either way, you have come to the right brand.
A unique take on studs and romance is the Tiffany & Co. Woven Heart Clip Earrings, worthy of any Truman Capote book. Like the fairy tale of gold being spun in a princess’s castle, you get the precious metal overlapping with each other for texture. You get 18K gold measuring at one inch in length. Revel in the tessellation when wearing at a fun party.

Another fun variation is the Diamond Smile Earrings. They have smiles made of 18K rose gold and small arrays of diamonds. Though measuring at 4.5 millimeters, these tiny smiles will bring joy to the room.

Tiffany Rings

Diamonds for engagement rings became popular in the twentieth century. Despite being a relatively recent invention, Tiffany finds ways to make a proposal look classic and classy. Ask if you want a ring sized up for down so that it can fit on the right finger.
One such example is the Channel Set Diamond Semi-eternity Band in platinum, which is a traditional engagement ring. Receive 1 carat worth of diamonds, some of which are inlaid on the inside as a nice surprise.
Tiffany & Co. "Lucida" 4.30 Carat F Color VS Clarity Diamond Ring in platinum is another traditional ring that would look lovely. The diamond is designed in a solitaire style. Wear the platinum band with ease.

If you’re not a platinum person, there are also white gold bands like the Tiffany & Co "Torque" ring. Frank Gehry designed it for elegance. This has 18K white gold that provides a stellar contrast.

Used Tiffany Bracelets  

Tiffany bracelets run between the simple and the whimsical. You can get symbols of love or a slim piece that will accompany you on a daily route.
Tiffany & Co. Bracelets are bracelets in which the variety of decorations stands out especially. They are not just accessories, but symbols of a beautiful life that almost every girl and woman dream about.

The Etoile Diamond and Platinum Bangle is simple in design and yet exquisite. Tiny stones dot the thin bangle. You can wear this bangle for formal occasions and match with any outfit.
If you would rather wear your emotions on your sleeve, then try the Tiffany & Co Wire Heart Bracelet in 18k rose gold. The peachy color reflects our joy when seeing the ones that we love. A key fit into the heart, to show how it is unlocked, as all of our feelings are.
Do you want to have a Tiffany bracelet but don't want to spend too much money? visit Gray and Sons showroom, located in Surfside / Bal Harbor, Florida, and buy used Tiffany bracelets.

Tiffany bracelets run between the simple and the whimsical. You can get symbols of love or a slim piece that will accompany you on a daily route.
The main feature of the bracelets of this brand is its impeccable quality. All decorations that are present in their collections look elegant and very good on a woman's hand. Such accessories are ideal for people of different ages and social status. Yes, you can combine them with business attire and something more sophisticated and evening.

Tiffany Bracelet Models

There are currently a large number of Tiffany & Co bracelets for every taste. It can be a thin red thread decorated with silver pendants or a hard bracelet decorated with balls or neat pearls.

· Tiffany T
This is a minimalist line that looks aesthetically and neatly. It was launched by the brand's creators in 1995. The motivation was the famous statue of Atlas, which instead of holding the globe holds on its shoulder’s watches bearing Roman numerals. There is a lot of symbolism in the statue, despite the simplest incarnation.
Ornaments from this line were created on the same principle. They turned out to be concise, simple, and designed to emphasize your beauty, not to distract yourself.

· Keys
As the name suggests, bracelets in this line are supplemented with a pendant in the form of small silver keys. Each of them has an original design and looks very elegant and beautiful.
These used Tiffany bracelets jewelry will be a great gift for your other half that you are ready to give the key to your heart.

· With heart
Beautiful bracelets with hearts are suitable for romantic girls. They look neat and gentle. You can choose a decoration with transparent precious stones and black or color.
The size of the suspension is also different, which is very convenient. For example, for owners of thin wrists, it is better to buy jewelry with a small pendant that will look better on a delicate hand.

· With beads
The most famous bracelet with this decor is "Return to Tiffany" made of beads. The combination of silver with such details looks interesting and ecological.
The idea to create this bracelet arose after a key ring with the same pattern became popular among buyers from around the world. The bracelet was created in 1969. For him, he picked up beads with a diameter of eight millimeters, closely fitting each other.

· Infinity
This Tiffany bracelet completes the infinity icon made of the same metal as the bracelet base. This sign is not chosen for a reason. It symbolizes the continuity of life energy. For someone, it can become a symbol of infinite love or belief in something beautiful.
The bracelets of this famous brand are almost universal. Used Tiffany Bracelets from the Gray & Sons Jewelers offer is made of 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and sterling silver.

History of Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Designs

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and his friend, John B Young, opened a stationery and gift shop in New York City under the name Tiffany & Young. They were the first to implement the British silver standard of using 92.5% sterling silver. In 1841, J.L. Elias joined the team as a partner and the name changed to Tiffany, Young & Ellis.

Charles Tiffany, ever the entrepreneur and high designer, introduced the first retail catalog and the signature six-prong Tiffany setting for diamonds, which has become the standard for engagement rings around the world. His fame spread far and wide after he obtained some of the famous crown jewels of France in 1887.
Today, Tiffany is a full-service jeweler and fine gift store known for Tiffany platinum, 18k, and sterling silver. They also do picture frames, jewelry, pens, watches, and more. Each piece is always presented in their signature blue box.

Used Tiffany Bracelets at Gray & Sons

There is no better place for Tiffany & Co bracelet consignment than Gray & Sons. We sell our pieces at a discount. Our selection of used Tiffany jewelry offers a diverse range of styles and price points to choose from to ensure you get the best choice for your personal needs.
Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, we buy estate pre-owned Tiffany jewelry. Our goal is to preserve aesthetic history and styles. We buy, sell and repair pre-owned Tiffany rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and watches. Our objective is to be your source for everything you’d expect from fine watches and luxury jewelry, except the price.

Interested in selling your used Tiffany jewelry? Want to trade it in for something else? We are one of the largest buyers and online consignment shops for authentic Tiffany & Co jewelry. At our shop in Miami Beach, you can come to show off your wares or to peruse ours.
We are always interested in buying or consigning all Tiffany & Co Jewelry styles including Atlas, Victoria, Metro, Keys, Celebration, Return to Tiffany, Infinity, Enchant, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Schlumberger, Sterling Silver, and Gold. We want to ensure that you have a wide selection.