Patek Philippe Pocket Watch Repair

Patek Philippe Pocket Watch Repair

Pocket watches may not get the attention they once commanded but for the watch industry to thrive as it has we must not forget of their origin. These relics of time keeping remind us just how far mechanical watches have come and evolved. Pocket watches were always a sign of status and luxury since their emerger. Wealthy men would demonstrate their social standing by the pocket watch he'd carry. Pocket watches were introduced to society in the 16th century, although awkwardly shaped and boxy, they were very desirable amongst the rich for the shear reason of possessing a portable timekeeper. It wasn't until a hundred years later from the first pocket watch that they began to appear more appealing with craftsmanship coming into play. Cases got slimmer and watches started to have other complications added, for example alarms were the first complications incorporated to watches. Years after jewels would be introduced as a revolutionary addition for the longevity of these precious time keepers. Gray and Sons carries a wealth of knowledge and experts to help you become enthusiasts of these once status demonstrating time pieces.

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Our watchmakers at Gray and Sons look forward to the opportunity of restoring any pocket watch you may need to have serviced and returned to its original working specififactions. Just recently we had a vintage Patek Philippe pocket watch come to us for service. Our in-house watchmakers and polishers with over 150 years of combined experience have immense knowledge regarding all Patek Philippe mechanical watches from every era of manufacturing. To begin the process, our master watchmaker carefully disassembles the case to separate the movement from the container. Now with the movement carefully out of the case, our master watchmaker begins disassembling the components piece by piece. During which they are meticulously inspecting each part for wear or damage to properly ensure the lifespan of the service. In this particular service it was discovered that the escape wheel had a broken pivot and was completely sheared off. The escape wheel, sometimes referrred to as the anchor of the watch, transfers energy to the timekeeping element weather its a pendulum or a balance wheel. With this component being broken the energy wasnt transfering and teh watch was not ticking.

Patek Philippe Watch Service

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This partcular repair would entail a highly skilled watchmaker to perform a precise micro mechanic service to this watch component. First our watchmaker has to accurately measure the sheared off pivot to fabricate a entirely new one to maintain the working order of the pocket watch. Once the measurements are obatianed he begins from a fresh cylinder stock of steel and machines the pivot to the original size of the broken one. Next he files off any remianing bulge left over from the broken pivot on the escape wheel and drills the center of the wheel. Once the appropriate depth is acheived he then presses in, similar to a bushing, the new polished pivot into the slot until stability is confirmed. The escape wheel is tested in the movemnt to ensure the proper end shake and tolerance are within specification and will not hinder the performance of this Patek Philippe pocket watch. Once completely torn down to the last screw, the movement is gently placed into our ultrasonic cleaner which will use vibration in three different solutions. During the process, old coagulated oil is dissolved and components are cleaned and returned to their original clean state. Once the movement parts are dried, our master watchmaker begins assembly by carefully putting together each component in their appropriate order while checking pivot end shakes and freedom for accurate function. Movement is then tested for timing accuracy and amplitude to ensure all proper adjustments were made during the reassemble process. At times the end result for some of these pocket watches is to get them to keep time as accurately as possible. Gray and Sons is proud to be your choice for all pocket watch services and repairs to return your timepiece to its original working condition.

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