Repairing Rust and Water Damage in Your Luxury Watch

Repairing Rust and Water Damage in Your Luxury Watch

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When you finally own the luxury timepiece you have always desired, you tend to want to wear it everywhere, all the time. This includes activities which may sometimes involve water. This includes relaxing by the pool, boating, scuba diving, or any other aquatic submersion.

Certain watches are designed to be especially water resistant for meters. These include diving watches like the Rolex Submariner, Breitling Avenger, or Ulysse Nardin Acqua Perpetual. These watches are made to be specifically resistant to water under extreme pressure found while scuba diving.

Other watches, while not designed for immense water pressure, are still waterproof for life’s simpler activities. These include washing dishes, taking a bath, or a dive in the pool. These watches include dress watches such as the Rolex Datejust, Cartier Santos 100, or Patek Phillippe Aquanaut.

Most fashion watches are designed for being used for basic water exposure such as a leap in the pool, no more than 20 feet below sea level. Their waterproof seal becomes ineffective when the crown is not completely tightened down.

It is imperative that the crown is tightened down after every time the watch is adjusted. This maintains the integrity of the waterproof seal. Checking daily that the watch is sealed is not good enough maintenance alone. It is necessary that your luxury timepiece be serviced every 3-5 years in order to ensure that the gaskets within the watch are intact and functioning.

If it happens where water does get into your luxury watch, it is paramount that you get your watch to a trusted repair center immediately. The longer water stays inside the watch, the more damage is caused by destroying the internal components of the watch.

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Saltwater causes damage faster as the salt in the water destroys metal components quicker than freshwater. Despite the danger of water damage and potentially rust to a watch, it is something that we see here at Gray and Sons Jewelers pretty often. We’re located in sunny South Florida with our year round weather suitable for all water activities.

If you notice that after exposing your watch to water that the crown was not secured, you must get your timepiece to a trusted repair center. Especially if you start to see some humidity beneath the crystal. The first step in repairing a watch that has been water damaged is to de-case the watch.

The purpose of this is to separate the components from each other and from any water which is inside. This alone takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the watch. During this process, each component of the watch ranging from the tiniest screws to the mainplate must be evaluated for any water damage or rust.

Once the watch parts that need replacing are identified, our watchmaker prepares the standing parts to be cleaned while sourcing the parts that need to be replaced. We use six different cleaning solutions in an ultrasonic machine. This is to make sure all dirt, dust, and dried oils are extracted from every crevice within the watch parts.

Once the watch parts are cleaned, the watchmaker starts to reassemble the movement while adding lubricants wherever designated and replacing all the gaskets for water resistance. This tedious process usually takes around 1 to 2 hours per watch! Ofcourse, assuming the watchmaker isn’t interrupted and all parts continue functioning.

In this quality control, we measure the watch’s amplitude and water resistance. We do this using special machines. One machine listens to the heartbeat of the watch. The other machine simulates a deep plunge using air pressure to check for leaks.

We also check that all complications are functioning fully; in this case the Regatta countdown. If both amplitude and water test come out good, the watch gets put on our winding wheel for observation. Here, it rotates and mimics the movement of the wrist.

With this machine we can analyze the power reserve on the watch and make sure the automatic is providing power up to par throughout the day. Our entire repair process usually takes around 3 to 6 weeks total.

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