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Local Rolex Air King Repair Reference 14010 Repair in West Palm Beach

Good day Diana

Thank you for trusting us with the repair of your Rolex Airking Reference 14010. As part of the Gray & Sons experience we would like to share a peek of the inside of your watch as it passed through one stage of work towards completion.

Other repair centers claim to fully disassemble your watch, but we are old-fashioned and want to show you the work that is put on every timepiece rather than to just tell you about it. As you can see the movement is completely taken apart down to its individual components. Movement parts will be put through a 4 step cleaning process that will use three different solutions to wash away accumulated dirt and old lubricants. We will re-assemble your watch piece by piece, wheel by wheel, screw by screw, and apply four different types of synthetic oils to get the watch running perfectly.

We will do final adjustments, automatic testing on winding wheels and, after a period of quality control, your watch will be returned to you calibrated to perform within manufacturer's specifications. You will have a two-year warranty on the performance of the movement.

I hope you enjoyed this look inside your special timepiece. Check with your watch loving friends to see if they have similar photos of their watches.

Thank you so much for your business and we hope to keep serving all your watch and jewelry needs.

If you have any questions please contact me directly. I will be happy to serve as your point of contact for all service, purchase, sale, consignment or trade needs in the Palm Beach Area.