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Local Rolex Submariner 18K and Stainless Steel Reference 16613 repair in Chicago

Hello Henry

Thank you for choosing Gray & Sons as your one stop repair center for your Rolex DayDate reference 18038. As part of our service we would like to share a picture of your movement completely disassembled while its going through one of the stages of the repair. This movement will be cleaned to ensure removal of oils and lubricants. Other repair centers only claim they fully service your watch while we actually show our clients and make them part of the repair process. Movement parts will be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The movement will be put through different cleaning solutions so that it can then be reassembled using new synthetic oils to ensure a longer life span on the parts.

We will do final regulations and water testing using sophisticated timing computers and pressure machines. After a period of quality control and observing timekeeping your watch will be returned to you. This repair will come with a two year warranty on the performance of the movement.

I hope that this sneak peek into the movement of your Rolex Daydate is something you enjoy. Gray and Sons wants to make sure you feel safe that your watch is being handle by professionals with almost 40 years in the repair business. Feel free to share this with all tour watch loving friends.

If you have any questions regarding your repair please contact us directly. we will be happy to serve you as your point of contact for all repairs, sales, trades and consignment needs.