Rolex Yachtmaster Repairs

We take pride in every watch that we repair and Rolexes account for 50% of our watch repair business. So, if you want things that are precise, and you want someone that knows how to work on a delicate, fragile movement, then Gray & Sons Jewelers is your service center for Rolex watch repair. We can send you pictures before, during and after the repair process so you can actually see your watch taken down to its component parts. Wheels and screws are put through the cleaning machine through three cleaning solutions and then re-assembled piece-by-piece and screw-by-screw. We love what we do, and it shows in not only the process but also the finished result.


Watch Repair Miami

We have seven Swiss-trained Master Watchmakers and Jewelers with over 150 years combined experience to perform all watch repair services, including:

watch Basic Maintenance

Basic Maintenance

watch Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

watch Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Watch Crystal Replacement

Crystal Replacement

watch Crown Replacement

Crown Replacement

watch Water Proofing checking

Water Proofing

watch Strap & Bracelet Repair/Rebuilding/Replacement

Strap & Bracelet Repair/ Rebuilding/ Replacement

Watch Polishing/Detailing to “New

Watch Polishing/ Detailing to “New"

Complete Overhaul of the watch

Complete Overhaul

Diamond Bezel Repair

Diamond Bezel Repair

Dial Repair or Replacement

Dial Repair or Replacement

Rust and water damage

Rust and water damage