Giving This Rolex Daytona 116509 A Makeover

Overhaul and Detail + Dial Exchange Project

Giving This Rolex Daytona 116509 A Makeover

Rolex Daytona Repair

As the most-known watch brand in the world, Rolex is who sets the majority of industry standards in the luxury swiss watch business. These timepieces are built to last a lifetime as long as they’re cared for correctly. Like anyone would a luxury car, high-end watches need to be given love periodically to assure its performance is never compromised and that the timepiece remains useful for generations to come.

Rolex watches released within the last ten years are considered their “newer” models; Rolex recommends these modern models get a complete service about every ten years, older models should get one about every 5 years. One grand mistake many Rolex owners tend to make is waiting for the watch to stop accurately telling time before taking it to get overhauled.

Oftentimes, the repair for a Rolex that is no longer in working conditions is not only significantly higher in price but can take double the time to complete. Not to mention, Vintage Rolex watches are only considered highly collectible if all of it’s parts are factory-original so servicing these timepieces is not as simple as any other Rolex.

Overhaul and Detail + Dial Exchange Project

Rolex Daytona Repair Breakdown

Rolex Overhaul and Detail - What It Entails

Automatic wind watches need to get serviced periodically primarily due to the oils and lubricants inside the movement getting broken down. Like any other machinery that includes wheels, bolts, and gears, minimizing the friction is key in getting the watch to run smoothly.

Overtime, the lubricants inside the movement begin to dry causing friction between the parts. If not corrected, this friction begins to corrode the parts inside the movement causing irreversible damage that can only be corrected by completely replacing the damaged parts; not to mention making it difficult to get the watch back and running up to industry standards.

While many believe that the servicing of these watches is as simple as changing the oil in a car, however this could not be further from the truth. Working on a Rolex movement is a job that requires extreme precision and knowledge that only an experienced swiss-trained watchmaker can perform successfully. The repair process, goes as follows:


First, the watchmaker dissects the entire timepiece part by part laying them all out for evaluation. The watch case gets taken off the bracelet, the movement gets taken out of the watch case, and then the movement gets taken apart to the last screw. Rolex Daytona watches have well over a hundred pieces and the disassembly of these pieces requires several special tools, without these tools disassembly would break the parts.


Next, while the case and bracelet are given to our head polisher for cleaning and polishing, the movement parts are put into our ultrasonic machine. Using six different cleaning solutions and with the use of modern technology, this machine successfully removed old dirt and dried up oils in every crease and crevice of every watch part. While this is happening our polisher is examining the accurate finish of the case and bracelet, giving each link, lug, and case-angle its designated satin or high-polish finish.


Once cleaned, each part is carefully examined for wear, rust, and damage. Using Rolex parts, the damaged parts get replaced. Once all parts are clean and in good condition, our swiss-trained watchmaker begins to reassemble the movement. In this process, the parts must get re-lubricated using highly specialized lubricants.

This is one of the most important and crucial parts of the repair process. If over-lubricated or under-lubricated, it will only be a matter of time before another overhaul and detail is needed. Here, the movement alone is tested for timekeeping and calibration before being put inside the watch case again.

Something done in this step that isn’t common in every Rolex we service is that our customer wanted to exchange the original Racing Dial for a custom-made white Daytona dial. This is also a service we provide for all Rolex watches; we can exchange any Rolex face with a custom-made Rolex dial of the customer’s choice.

Quality Control

Once the watch is back to one whole timepiece, it must be put through several tests to assure it is running up to Rolex standards. First, the amplitude of the watch is measured using a machine that listens to the watch’s heartbeat and can measure how many seconds the watch is gaining/losing per day; Rolex standards are +4/-6 seconds per day.

The next machine we run the watch through is our pressure-check machine which uses modern technology and air-pressure to simulate the watch going underwater, testing its water resistance. This machine can detect any cracks or leaks which could possibly cause water to enter the watch. Finally we check the power reserve of the watch to make sure the winding crown and the automatic both work perfectly.

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No other than a highly skilled professional swiss specialist watchmaker like our very own could have saved this watch. With watch parts so small they require special glasses to see, only the most qualified can properly handle these components. At times the end result for some of these Rolex watches is to get them to keep time as accurately as possible.

Gray and Sons is proud to be your choice for all Rolex watch services and repairs to return your timepiece to its original working condition. We can fix your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.

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