Rolex GMT Master II Watch Repair

Rolex’s Aviator Watch in History

The Rolex GMT Master II represents a person of the world. Released in the late 80s after the GMT Master, it included a new feature. The quickset hour hand was designed to change the time without modifying the minutes or stopping the seconds.This model stands out within the Rolex sport models because of it’s two time-zones characteristic within the dial and third time zone referenced in its rotatable bezel.

You can teleport to anywhere you want to be at any time you want to be there. It’s clear aesthetics makes it reliable for traveling souls, they will never have trouble with time.

In the early 2000s the updated version of the GMT Master II was released with a Triplock crown like the one in the diver’s watch models. Along with the updated version came a larger case size, hands, and a handsome and undefeatable ceramic bezel. Originally designed for the aviation field, it now marks its place in history with the special models such as the “Pepsi”, “Hulk”, “Batman”, “Kermit” and “Rootbeer” amongst others.

Rolex GMT Master II Watch Repair

Rolex GMT Master II - Disassembled movement

Rolex ref 16713 Overhaul and Detail at G&S

This GMT Master II, a classic and timeless black color dial, black color bezel, two-tone jubilee bracelet beauty from the year 1994 found its way into Gray and Sons. His owner had the watch gifted to him on his wedding day back in 1995 by his father. He was a pilot for an international airline and was now only chartering private jets for a private company.

Charls was in Miami for the day and searched on Google “Rolex GMT Master II watch repair” and Gray and Sons was one of the top 5 links to pop up. He saw our reviews and decided to come by the store to check out our on-site repair department.

We received him with a smile and he explained how his watch had never been serviced and he had noticed that it began to lose time and come to random stops throughout the week. We took it to our Rolex specialized watchmaker and he said it definitely needed an overhaul and detail. He noticed the watch’s movement was very dry and the mainspring thinning out along with the lightly abused band and case.

He had mentioned how he was only in town for the day and would be coming back within the next month or so. We took his watch in for repair and began to work the next day.

The G&S master watchmaker deceased the watch and completely disassembled the movement. The bracelet and case were set aside for the jeweler to polish and clean. The movement was placed in our ultrasonic watch cleaning machine to help loosen any built up dirt and dried oils. Our watchmaker replaced a couple of wheels that were no longer usable. We replaced the mainspring and the gaskets to make sure the watch was kept water resistant.

Rolex’s Aviator Watch in History

Dial, automatic bridge, date wheel and hands

Movement reassembled

After the movement was put back together the watchmaker made sure the amplitude measured to be at swiss standards and reassembled the watch again. We kept it in a testing phase of 10 days. During these days our repair manager tests the watch daily to make sure they are keeping time and run on the correct amplitude. The watch is adjusted until it is made perfect to return to its owner.

Our pilot customer came back 5 weeks after and was amazed at what we were able to achieve with his Rolex GMT Master II. He would now be able to rely on a watch that kept time correctly and does not come to random stops. He was happy to know that he could keep the watch on his wrist at least for the next 10 years or until the next time for service. Rolex recommends you overhaul your timepiece every 3-5 years. This prevents from harming the watch’s movement, given that even dried up oils can cause your watch to lose time and even damage the wheels inside.

Rolex ref 16713 Overhaul and Detail at G&S

Rolex GMT Master II

Gray and Sons History

With over 150 years of collective experience of our swiss trained watchmakers at Gray and Sons has kept our repair department running with excellence for over 40 years. Our Rolex repairs come with a 24 month warranty, this way we can guarantee we can get the timepiece almost like it just came out of the swiss factory.