Overhaul and Detailing Project

Rolex Submariner, Dive Into This Watch Renovation

The Rolex Submariner 16613 is a praised and desirable timepiece made out of stainless steel and 18k yellow gold with an oyster link bracelet and blue aluminum insert rotating bezel. This watch features a 40mm case, a silver Serti dial with diamond markers, and a sapphire crystal.

The debut of the first-ever Rolex Submariner circa 1953 was marketed to be the best diving tool one could own. However, while the 16613 is still an excellent diving watch, Rolex Submariners are now bought more as a fashion statement than as a purpose-built tool watch. This powerhouse timepiece is run by the caliber 3135 automatic winding movement.

We Solve Problems That Even Rolex Wouldn’t Touch

Whenever we receive such projects like this Submariner, we value the confidence and trust customers have in our services here at Gray and Sons Jewelers.

In the case of this Rolex Submariner watch, the owner came to us desperate for a solution after realizing ocean water had entered his watch. When saltwater enters a watch’s mechanism, time is of the essence. The longer a watch has saltwater inside of the movement, the fewer chances there are of saving the movement.

Rolex Submariner, Dive Into This Watch Renovation

Rusted Rolex Submariner Movement

We Solve Problems That Even Rolex Wouldn’t Touch

When water sits inside a watch, corrosion and rusting happen almost immediately. This rust that forms is like cancer inside the watch immobilizes the movement and corrodes the pieces. Oftentimes, the rust is so bad that the entire movement needs to be replaced.

Lucky for this customer, Gray and Sons had their back. In our repair department, we have six Swiss-trained watchmakers who have a combined experience of over 150 years. Our watchmakers share a passion for taking in these complicated repairs; especially ones with chronograph, perpetual calendar, and other multi-use movements.

When these complications are fixed and restored back to mint condition by our watchmakers, Gray and Sons not only takes pride but pleasure in the reactions of a content client. Especially watches like this Submariner 16613 which came in all rusted and was returned leaving the owner speechless.

At Gray and Sons, we repair, restore, and bring watches back to prime condition.

How does this process work, you may ask? The process begins with removing the watch’s movement and preparing the watch case for cleaning and polishing. The case, bracelet, and buckle are then given to our head polisher.

At Gray and Sons, we repair, restore, and bring watches back to prime condition.

When it comes to the cleaning and polishing of a Rolex, our specialized watch polisher has a clear understanding of how the job should be done. The detailing and buffing of the stainless steel and 18k yellow gold have a style that is exclusive to Rolex; in this case, the stainless steel watch case and stainless steel portion of the bracelet is satin finish while the bracelet’s 18k yellow gold is a shiny finish.

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While the case gets detailed, our watchmakers go ahead and take apart from the movement to their barest state. Every single piece then gets submerged into a multi-stage cleaning process. Using three different cleaning solutions, we remove all dirt, dust, and old dried lubricants, bringing the watch back to the best working conditions.

For extremely oxidized movements, such as this Submariner, our watchmakers go in and attempt removing the rust by hand using special tools. Often times our watchmakers can remove most of the rust and restore the movement without replacing parts, but is not always the case; it all depends on the condition of the rusted parts.

Rolex Sub 16613: Overhaul and Detailing Project

On average, our repair process usually takes 3-6 weeks. Like the old fashion antique watchmakers, we, at Gray and Sons follow through with every single detail. We even refinish Rolex watch dials.

Rolex Submariner, Dive Into This Watch Renovation

Rolex Submariner Serti Dial Before Refinish

We Solve Problems That Even Rolex Wouldn’t Touch

Rolex Submariner Serti Dial After Refinish

Once the cleaning of the movement’s parts has been completed, it is now time for our watchmakers to re-lubricate all parts and put together the movement again piece by piece. Once pieced together, the movement goes through a series of checks to make sure complications such as regulation, timekeeping accuracy, power reserve, chronograph functions, and synchronization of movements parts are all running in the utmost condition.

The final stages of this repair process consist of re-casing and quality control checks. Here, two watch specialists will not only check the power reserve function by manually winding the watch but observation of the timepiece is also done while put on the winding wheel where the automatic winding allows further observation in the watch’s timekeeping.

In this process, water pressure tests for leaks within the case or gaskets are done. Prior to being shipped back to its owner, our repair shop manager uses computers and special machines to pressure check the watch one last time and to time the watch. This last all-around check supplies a fresh set of eyes to spot out any irregularities. Our goal is to have the watch running +7 seconds or less a day, gaining less than a minute per week. This goal is known as meeting a superlative chronometer rating which is the same standards Rolex set themselves for every watch they sell. If all is good, the watch gets shipped or picked up by the owner.

We always give a key list of recommendations to our customers regarding the after-care of their Rolex watch. These recommendations include:

  • Never use the quick-set date feature on your watch within the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. The gears inside the watch at these hours are very tight inside the movement and using the quick-set date feature may jam the gears inside the movement.
  • Always set the time and date of the timepiece while it’s off of the wrist. Trying to unscrew and use the crown while it’s still on the wrist may break the crown stem.
  • Always set the time and date of the watch while it’s over a counter or surface. In the incident that the watch slips out of one’s hands, at least it’ll fall a few inches rather than a few feet.

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#1 Specialist on Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 41 mm

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