Watch rust, water damage, leaking and fast repair and waterproofing for a Rolex Submariner

In the world of luxury Swiss watches, Rolex is one of the most recognized brands in the business. From elegance to sport, men and women all over the world wear Rolex as part of luxury, elegance and sophistication. One of the most famous models in the Rolex family happens to be the Rolex Submariner. Available in various color combinations and models, the submariner is the pinnacle of divers watches. But what happens when a common yet simple mistake like leaving the crown open damages the movement? A watch that is prepared to resist depths of up to 1000 Feet ends up on our watchmakers bench. In the case of this client, he left the crown open not while diving deep in the ocean but while relaxing in his home Jacuzzi. Once water enters the case and hits the movement, there's a very limited window to get the watch cleaned and serviced before rust takes over and causes irreversible damage. Fortunately, here at Gray and Sons, our expert in-house master watchmakers are ready for time sensitive situations like this one. With over a million dollars in replacement parts and equipment, we are able to open up the watch, remove all fresh or saltwater from the movement using ultrasonic cleaning machines and solution and replace any parts in order to return a watch back to our client in the best possible way.

Watch rust, fast repair Rolex Submariner
Rolex Submariner after rust cleanning

As you can see from the pictures this Rolex was already showing signs of oxidation and rust. Rust was already building up all over the movement, especially in key components which would clearly affect the time keeping of the movement. Fortunately our experts got in just in time. Some parts were needed to be replaced which made the process less complicated considering the amount of rust found inside this beautiful watch. The ultrasonic cleaning machine was able to strip a lot of the rust and old lubricants giving this movement close to its original finish and condition. After the cleaning process, the watchmakers polishes and re-lubricates every part under magnification to remove all oxidation and residue from the movement. Each part has to be carefully placed and adjusted to ensure proper timekeeping. Using precision tools and sophisticated computers our Swiss trained master watchmakers complete the assembly inside the clean case. All gaskets are replace with new ones. This particular watch consists of a series of gaskets located in the bezel, crystal, back-case, crown and threaded tube. This is part of the waterproofing process that will guarantee once again the 1000 feet suggested by the manufacturer. Once again, with the help of sophisticated computers we are able to test and measure watches to different pressure settings. This process is most important while casing the movement back up since we do not want another water intrusion happening to our clients.

As part of our service our in-house master polisher, details and re-satins the case and bracelet of this watch taking it back to its original condition. Now the watch is ready for our quality control process. For our first step the watch is placed on our winding wheels. This step simulates the wrist movement. We need to make sure that the automatic on each watch is keeping the watch powered and on time. Once this process is completed, the watch undergoes a second step in quality control were we manually wind the watches. During this process the watch is kept without any movement after manually winding it. We do this to make sure that even when the watch is not being worn, the watch will still run for the standard time. After a 4 day process the time piece is ready to be returned to the client.

Water damage, leaking and fast repair Rolex Submariner
Rolex Submariner rust cleaned

Here at Gray and Sons we are so proud of our service and our master watchmakers that we guarantee our Rolex repairs for 2 years. Thanks to our expertise and huge inventory of replacement parts and equipment we can offer our clients a faster turn-around than working directly with the manufacturers. Visiting Miami Beach? Come visit us at Gray&Sons, in Surfside Florida. Located right across from the Bal Harbor Shops we buy, sell and repair most Swiss luxury watches and high end Platinum, diamond and gold jewelry. Located out of state? No problem. Visit our website at and request an Easy-Ship box to send your valuables to us for an evaluation.

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