Montblanc as a brand symbolizes luxury in small sizes. While the watchmaking would start in 1858 in a workshop, the company itself would develop mechanical watches regularly several decades later. They would later incorporate the Montblanc star, which would become the brand’s logo. In the twenty-first century, that star has become more than a logo.

When you buy Montblanc, you are buying one hundred years of excellence. The pieces are designed for precise chronography — measuring brief intervals of time accurately — and for lasting for decades on end. It means that these watches are on par with the same measuring tools used in astronomy, or at least were designed for such. Designers work to ensure that the inner workings reflect the best innovations from the watchmaking market.

Take advantage of our warranty policies, and inquire about repairs and watch winding. We want you to enjoy telling the time, and showing the watch face to your friends and family. Our Swiss in-house watchmakers will verify each Montblanc as genuine and ensure that you receive each one full-serviced, polished and cleaned. Glisten and gleam, and get the best luxury watch for many lifetimes.

A Dress Watch For Success

Top 5 Montblanc Watches for Men - logo

Men’s watches are a great status symbol. They tell the world that you own your destiny and that you can afford to brandish power. You receive quality components assembled by skilled artisans, that will operate for years on end.

The mechanical watch design, in addition to electronic and quartz models, adds an atmosphere of intense labor. Luxury brands develop mechanical watches to reflect the intensity of labor and tactile passage of time, using miniature pendulums that power every tick and click. Such gears and winding reflect how we go through the daily grind and reap vast rewards as a result. When automatic watches are implemented, they respect the wearers who lack the time ironically enough to add winding to their routines.

These watches also make a great gift to the boys and men in your life that strive for success. You want the potential entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and athletes in your life to know that they have people rooting for their team. When you give them a Montblanc watch, you want to show the world that you are proud of the men, and you believe that they will make a positive impact.

A luxury watch brand reveals the personality of the wearer. Just as Rolex watches are a symbol of success, Montblanc watches are a symbol of moving forward and striving for new horizons. The brand name comes from a real mountain, which explorers traversed in the late 1700s. Wearing a Montblanc watch tells people that you are always willing to explore and find success in the farthest places.

Top 5 Luxury Watches For Men

At Gray & Sons, we have listed our recommendations below for the best watches that you can gift to your favorite person in life. You can enjoy world time, delivered with luxury components such as the minute hands. Take advantage of these limited editings and go forward with a class act in hand. Or you can go forward with a stainless steel case to hold the watch when you deliver it as a present or store after wearing it during the day. We also provide very reasonable prices on these watches compared to those of our competitors.

Top 5 Montblanc Watches for Men - Montblanc Star GMT
Montblanc Star GMT 42mm

We like the Montblanc Star GMT, which will do nicely for when you want a sparkle of gold in your life. This automatic watch combines gold and leather on your wrist. The gold is 18K karat on the buckle and will prove reliable to the touch. This watch is part of the Montblanc Star Legacy collection, which spans a vast amount of designs. We like the Yellow Gold Cream color for its gentle yet potent aesthetics, which show soft luxury at a glance. Measure sub-seconds and never forget the exact date.

Top 5 Montblanc Watches for Men - Montblanc TimeWalker 7069
MontBlanc TimeWalker 7069 43mm

Do you prefer a darker color to go with your wardrobe? Then we have just the watch for you: the Montblanc TimeWalker 7069 Stainless Steel Black. Made in the 2010s, this watch comes on a black band and has a textured pattern. The watchmakers wanted to pay homage to the shop’s humble beginnings in the 1880s and combine the legacy with the thrill of motor racing. On the tracks, time becomes the essence to beat the other competitors. We also get reminded of the brevity of life, in the case of crashes, and how we must measure each moment.

From the Montblanc Heritage collection, we can highly recommend the Montblanc Heritage Automatic. This watch has Arabic numerals and is designed with high influence from the 1940s and 50s, during and after World War II. The salmon color will add some bright pastels to your day, brightening your prospects. Wear the grey alligator strap from Italy comfortably.

The Montblanc Tradition Chronograph implements quartz to make for an elegantly designed piece. It pays homage to conventional watch designs from earlier eras. Baton-shaped hands remind the wearer of orchestra conductors and marching bands, while the sapphire glass protects all the hands. We adore this piece from the Tradition Collection and remembering the past fondly.

How about when you want a manual watch? The Montblanc Tradition Manual Winding model can provide the pleasure of setting the time correctly. It uses Roman numerals in rose-gold and a sapphire face, with a white dial. This watch is delightfully authoritative.

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At Gray & Sons, we not only deliver on luxury. We also buy and resell vintage models so that you can have a timeless collection of watches, some of which are limited editions or discontinued. In addition to our watches, you can view fountain pens, jewelry, and other accessories. We want to ensure that you have constant access to luxury.

Contact us today to find out which watches you want to supplement your life. You will enjoy seeing the world on a black or silver dial, as you get a status symbol that you can wind for life. Or you will deliver a special gift to the person in your life who needs to know how much they mean to you.