Generally-speaking, Rolex is not known for making oversized watches. Yes, the Swiss watchmaking behemoth does have several models in the 42mm to 44mm range (such as the Yacht-Master II, Sea-Dweller, Deepsea, and Sky-Dweller), but the vast majority of the Rolex catalog is comprised of watches that are 41mm and under. What’s more, there are also plenty of midsize Rolex watches to choose from with understated proportions, which are ideal for those with smaller wrist sizes.

Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date watches
Midsize Rolex Watches

But what are midsize Rolex watches? Depending on the specific model, midsize Rolex watches typically range from 31mm to 37mm and they are often positioned as unisex watches. If you’re looking for a sub-40mm watch, below are some fantastic Rolex midsize watches to consider.

Midsize Oyster Perpetual Watches

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34
Midsize Oyster Perpetual 34

The most casual and simplest offering from Rolex, Oyster Perpetual watches combine two of the brand’s most iconic inventions: the waterproof Oyster case and the automatic Perpetual movement. These are time-only watches with easy-to-read dials.

Although Rolex has made gold and two-tone Oyster Perpetual watches in the past, today, only stainless steel versions are manufactured. As such, thanks to its simplified dial and steel only construction, the Oyster Perpetual is known as Rolex’s entry-level watch.

While material choices are limited, the Oyster Perpetual collection does provide different sizes, from a petite 26mm to a generous 41mm. There are in fact two different Oyster Perpetual models that are frequently categorized as midsize: the 31mm Oyster Perpetual and the 34mm Oyster Perpetual.

Pre-owned Air-King 114200
Air-King re. 114200 with 34mm case

The Oyster Perpetual 34 ref. 114200 is a particularly great midsize Rolex watch for men and there’s even the very similar Air-King ref. 114200 watch with identical dimensions. Rolex no longer makes the OP ref. 114200, having recently replaced it with the new-gen Oyster Perpetual 34 ref. 124200.

Midsize Datejust Watches

  • Rolex Datejust 31
  • Rolex Date 34

Without a doubt the most “Rolex-y” of all Rolex watches, the Datejust has been a mainstay of the brand’s lineup since 1945. Characterized by a date window on the dial topped by a Cyclops magnifications lens protruding from the crystal above it, the Datejust is one of the most recognizable luxury watches ever made.

The Datejust is also a highly diverse collection with a large variety of materials, bezel styles, dial designs, and bracelet options to choose from. Plus, the Datejust comes in many different sizes including a couple of midsize ones.

The first midsize Datejust is the 31mm model, which is more often than not geared towards women. Alternatively, there’s the slightly larger (but still midsized) 34mm Date watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date
Rolex Date watches have 34m cases

Although the name is slightly different, the Rolex Date has an identical look to the Datejust watch, complete with the date window and Cyclops bubble.

Midsize Yacht-Master Watches

  • Rolex Yacht-Master 35
  • Rolex Yacht-Master 37

For fans of sportier watches with smaller case dimensions, Rolex offers midsize Yacht-Master watches. The Yacht-Master is a nautical-inspired watch model, fitted with a rotating timing bezel graduated to 60 minutes and available in a large assortment of materials.

Midsize Rolex Yacht-Master 35 in steel and platinum

For most of the Yacht-Master’s history, which began in 1992, the midsize option was the 35mm Yacht-Master. The Yacht-Master 35 sat in between the ladies’ Yacht-Master 29 and the men’s Yacht-Master 40. Rolex has made steel and platinum (aka Rolesium), steel and yellow gold (aka yellow Rolesor), and full yellow gold versions of the midsize Yacht-Master 35.

In 2015, Rolex discontinued the Yacht-Master 35 (along with the Yacht-Master 29) and replaced it with the slightly larger Yacht-Master 37. The modern midsize Yacht-Master 37 is available in steel and platinum, steel and Everose gold, and full Everose gold editions.

Yellow gold Midsize Rolex Yacht-Master 35

The full Everose gold versions however are not fitted with matching gold bracelets and gold bezels but rather, a black rubber-clad Oysterflex bracelet and a black ceramic bezel. The striking contrast between the rosy-hued case and the sleek black details of the Yacht-Master 37 makes for one of the coolest looking midsize Rolex watches made in recent years.

What About 36mm Rolex Watches?

Traditionally, 36 mm Rolex watches were positioned as men’s models. However, with tastes for larger watches becoming the norm these days, it’s safe to say that 36mm Datejust, Day-Date, Oyster Perpetual, or Explorer watches are well within the midsize range (although not officially labeled as so by the brand) and they are enjoyed by men and women alike.

Is the 36mm Rolex President Day-Date a midsize watch?

This is especially true since Rolex has introduced bigger versions many of their key watches within the last decade. There are 41mm versions of the Datejust and Oyster Perpetual, and 40mm versions of the Day-Date. Moreover, the current-production Explorer is now 39mm and the current-production Air-King measures 40mm. And let’s not forget that the Yacht-Master 37 is categorized as a midsize model–therefore, logically, the slightly smaller 36mm Rolex models would fall into that midsize camp too.

The discontinued 36mm Explorer could be considered a midsize Rolex

From casual to dressy, to sporty, Rolex has manufactured a wide selection of midsize watches over the years. Whether from the Air-King, Day-Date, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Yacht-Master, or Explorer collections, browse our selection of pre-owned Rolex watches to find just the right midsize watch for you.