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Origin of the Rolex Daytona Model

From patenting the first waterproof watch case in 1926 (the Oyster) to perfecting the automatic winding movement in 1931 (the Perpetual), the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Rolex, has established many milestones in the world of watchmaking. However, one of its most colossal successes so far has been its first chronograph — the Rolex Daytona.

Launched in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (often referred to simply as the “Daytona“) symbolizes the crown’s historical ties to the world of motorsports. Named after a city in Florida known as the capital of speed, this purpose-built chronograph watch was designed specifically for racing drivers and motorsports enthusiasts to accurately keep time while at the racetrack.

Over half a century later, the Rolex Daytona is one of the most coveted and beloved luxury timepieces on the planet.

  • Rolex Daytona "Cosmograph" 37mm 6239

    The original! Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in stainless steel with highly desirable silver dial with black subdials and "Daytona" in red. Engraved tachymeter bezel. USA jubilee bracelet. Manual wind w/ chronograph. Ref 6239. Circa 1965. 37mm case size. **Bank Wire Only at this price** Fine Pre-owned Rolex Watch.

    Certified preowned Sport Rolex Daytona 6239 watch is made out of Stainless steel on a Stainless Steel bracelet with a Stainless Steel Deploy buckle. This Rolex watch has a 37 x 37 mm case with a Round caseback and Silver Tachymeter dial. It is Gray and Sons Certified Authentic and comes backed by our 24-month warranty. Each watch is inspected by our certified in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers before shipment including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing.

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    Watch is in Very Good condition.
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    Item #:W523364
  • Rolex Daytona "Big Red" 37mm 6265

    Collectible Rolex Daytona Big Red in stainless steel from 1979. Silver Panda dial with "Daytona" in red. Auto w/ subseconds and chronograph. 37 mm case size. Ref 6265. Bank wire only. Fine Pre-owned Rolex Watch.

    Certified preowned Vintage Rolex Daytona 6265 watch is made out of Stainless steel on a Stainless Steel bracelet with a Stainless Steel Deploy buckle. This Rolex watch has a 37 x 37 mm case with a Round caseback and Silver Stick dial. It is Gray and Sons Certified Authentic and comes backed by our 24-month warranty. Each watch is inspected by our certified in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers before shipment including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing.

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Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona For Sale 

The Holy Grail of many watch collectors today, the Rolex Daytona, did not gain much recognition until the legendary actor-turned-racer Paul Newman was seen wearing it once and then never without it.

The story goes that once Paul Newman became a professional race car driver, his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, gifted him a “panda dial” Rolex Daytona ref. 6239. That black-and-white dial Daytona became so closely associated with Newman that collectors started referring to all the Daytona models of that era as the “Paul New

Today, these Paul Newman Rolex Daytona models are like highly revered in the preowned Rolex Daytona market. In fact, in 2017, one went up for auction at Phillips auction house in New York and became the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at that time at $17.8 million.

Other Rolex Watch Models

  • Air-King

Rolex Air-King is a tribute to aviation pioneers and the role of the Oyster model in the rich history of aviation. The 40 mm case made of Oystersteel steel, the solid Oyster bracelet with Oysterclasp clasp and the characteristic black dial make the new Air-King both functional and timeless. Refreshed with a modern user in mind, but referring to the model from the 1950s, the new Oyster Perpetual Air-King watch continues the tradition of the original Rolex Oyster watch.

  • Cellini

The Cellini collection is a modern tribute to the classic and the embodiment of the unchanging elegance of traditional timepieces, combining the essence of Rolex know-how and the highest standards of excellence with an approach that praises watchmaking heritage in a timeless form.

  • Datejust

Rolex Datejust is a modern archetype of a classic watch due to its appearance and features that go beyond changing fashion. The look of the Datejust has remained unchanged for many generations while retaining the features that make it one of the most recognizable watches in traditional versions.

  • Day-Date

In 1956, the Rolex Day-Date model entered the market. Available only in 18k gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch to show the date and the full name of the day of the week in a window cut out in the dial. Combined with the President bracelet specially developed for this model, Day-Date is still one of the most-chosen watches by influential people.

  • Explorer

The models from the Explorer collection reflect the privileged relationship that has always connected the Rolex brand with the world of explorers. Since the late 1920s, Rolex has been using the entire world and its real conditions as a testing ground for its watches, striving for ever greater precision, durability, and reliability.

  • GMT-Master II

Although the Rolex GMT-Master watch was designed primarily for professionals, its unsurpassed functionality and raw, yet stylish appearance attracts a wider group of travelers. In addition to the time display function in various zones, travelers admire the durability and unusual appearance, which makes the GMT-Master perfect for traveling the world and in fact for every occasion.

  • Milgauss

A magnetic field of between 50 and 100 gausses can affect the reliability and accuracy of an ordinary mechanical watch. However, during their work, scientists are often exposed to much stronger magnetic fields. The Rolex brand response to this challenge is the Rolex Milgauss model, developed in 1956, the first watch of this type. Hence the name of the watch - "mille" is French for a thousand.

  • Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster with hermetic case and screwed crown. The ambassador of success was Mercedes Gleitze, who on June 14, 1926, swam across the English Channel in 15 hours and 15 minutes, and the ad of the watch surrounding the wrist of the swimmer emerging from the water was seen by the whole world.

  • Pearlmaster

Rolex Pearlmaster is Rolex's flagship jewelry watch. The gently rounded lines characteristic of the Pearlmaster model perfectly match the richly decorated dials and the intricate, unique setting of diamonds, sapphires or rubies. The watch is only available in 18k yellow, white or pink Everose gold produced by Rolex in its own foundry.

  • Sea-Dweller

Ultra-durable models for divers, designed and developed by Rolex specialists, are created to conquer the depths. They provide water resistance up to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) for the Rolex Sea-Dweller watch and 12,800 feet (3,900 meters) for the Rolex Deepsea model and are the result of several decades of cooperation with professional divers.

  • Sky-Dweller

Technological works of art protected by 11 or even 14 patents depending on the version - the Rolex Sky-Dweller collection includes watches that provide the information necessary for those who travel around the world.

  • Submariner

The solid and functional design of the Rolex Submariner collection quickly made it an icon. The subtly refreshed Oyster case, the distinctive dial with the large hour-glowing hour markers, the graduated Cerachrom rotating ring and the solid Oyster bracelet make the latest generation Submariner and Submariner Date still true to the original that the world saw in 1953.

  • Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II models embody the sailing spirit. Inspired by the rich and long-lasting (since the 1950s) history of Rolex's cooperation with the world of water sports, the Yacht-Master watch is a skillful combination of functionality and style. In turn, the Yacht-Master II model uses the most perfect achievements of Rolex brand technology, designing a countdown function created for sailing competitions.

Updates Throughout the History

Throughout its 50+ year history, the Rolex Daytona has undergone a number of changes and updates. For one, the very first Daytona — the celebrated ref. 6239 — measured in at 37 mm and featured a manual-wind Valjoux movement.

The second-generation (ref. 16500) — known as the “Zenith Daytona” by many of today’s collectors — had a larger case size at 40 mm and was based on the El Primero Caliber 3019 PHC — a self-winding chronograph movement made by Zenith.

The latest generation of Daytona watches (ref. 116520) has held onto the 40 mm case diameter, yet replaced the mechanism that powered the earlier generations with Rolex’s in-house self-winding mechanical movement: the Caliber 4130. 

Why Buy a Preowned Rolex Daytona?

No name in the world of watchmaking comes close to the stature of a Rolex Daytona. But why do most people prefer buying a pre-owned Rolex Daytona instead of a new one?

Well, with ridiculously high demand and extremely limited production runs, finding a new Rolex Daytona at an authorized dealer is very unlikely unless you are willing to wait a year or two... and that is if the dealer knows you, you put your name down the day it was released, and your middle name is “lucky.”

The lengthy waiting lists and the battles of the highest bids have certainly added to Daytona’s mystique, but if you want to get a hold of one much faster, you may want to look for used Rolex Daytona watches. And, of course, buying a pre-owned Rolex Daytona can help you save thousands of dollars off.

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The Rolex Daytona is a stunning sport watch inspired by Swiss precision and automotive speed. If the name rings a bell, its because its derived from one of the worlds most popular racing events, the Daytona 500. While the Rolex Daytona was originally called the Cosmograph and it did not have any association with the worldwide spectacle, they eventually decided to name their coveted chronograph watch model after the famous Daytona Speedway, and they even became a longstanding sponsor of the event. Even with the surging popularity of the chronograph watch market, and the ultimate retooling of their watch model, it wasn’t until Paul Newman, one of the world’s greatest racers by today’s standards, was pictured wearing his Daytona, that the Rolex Daytona became an icon in the luxury watch world. Even today, it is difficult to get your hands on a vintage Rolex Daytona. They have become sought after collector’s items and when one does so happen to hit the market, the battle of the highest bid begins.

Used Rolex Daytona

Naturally, Rolex had to capitalize on this fame and make a modern day iteration in the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. It is made out of 904L steel and features an impressive monobloc Cerachrom bezel. Set in black ceramic, it is a combination of technology, elegance, and aesthetics and is a standing tribute to the Rolex Daytona heritage.

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