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Since 1980, Gray and Sons has been dominating repairs within the luxury watch and jewelry industry. We specialize in all types of repairs and make the impossible feasible. The repairs are processed and completed in our boutique by our in-house master watchmakers and jewelers. Our in-house jewelers work on all sorts of jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more! Gray and Sons will handle all types of repairs, even minor adjustments. Anything beyond the stretch of your imagination within the jewelry repair business, Gray and Sons will tackle your issue! If you have any questions, feel free to ask; we can easily break down the process and steps for the customer's comprehension. If you love the ring your boyfriend gifted you but cannot stand yellow gold and wished it would've been white gold, Gray and Sons can take care of you. If your bracelet doesn’t fit quite right, we can lengthen or shorten it. Accidents happen; if your necklace gets caught on the sweater Grandma knitted for you and diamonds fall out… we can replace the diamond for you! Imagine you inherited a two carat diamond ring but it looks too old-fashioned for you; let Gray & Sons transfer the diamond to a more modern setting from our vast selection. Jewelry is a way to express yourself, and it is often inexpensive to repair or refine a piece to pristine condition.

Not only will our jewelry repair department fix your issue, but we will also enhance the appearance of your piece. Thanks to our in-house polisher, we can make that possible. Our polisher delivers excellence to the table and is trained to never over-polish any pieces. You never want your watch or jewelry to be over-polished because it removes an excessive amount of gold, platinum, or silver. Our jewelry repair shop department not only fixes what is requested, we check the entire piece to ensure there are no potential future problems. We look for loose stones, weak spots, and give our best advice for your safety and enjoyment of your jewelry. Gray and Sons specializes in watch repair in addition to our jewelry repair department. In fact, often times both departments collaborate to produce the best result. An example is the "Detail" feature in our watch repairs. When you receive your watch repair after completion, you will notice that your luxury Swiss watch is in immaculate condition. A bonus when buying merchandise from our store is that we include a "Like New For Life" bonus which means that you can annually send your watch to us for free cleaning from our polisher. In regards to watches, the "Like New For Life" policy includes us maintaining the water-resistance of your timepiece (if originally water resistant). Give us a call or send us an email for further inquiries.

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Jewelry is in our name and is the foundation of our founding since Gray and Sons opened its doors in the year 1980.

Jewelry Repair

All your jewlery repair needs can be resolved with our jewlery experts. Any jewelry restoration, modification, or maintenance on all fine jewlery.

Our highly skilled in-house jewelry repair team along with 5 Swiss trained watchmakers who collaborate daily on trusted solutions to deliver the best quality results. A recent client of ours came to us with an 18k yellow gold ring with tanzanite gemstone. The gemstone was loose due to the weak setting of the ring. The entire piece was hollow and began to crack in different areas, causing some instability within the ring. We gathered our thoughts and offered to make an entirely new ring. Bigger, heavier and more robust to ensure the security of the tanzanite.

To begin with the jewelry repair, we started by taking measurements of the ring to accurately hand carve the wax that will serve as the mold for the ring. The original ring carried approximately 6 DWT of gold. After some adjustments, the new ring will be approximately 16 DWRT of gold, nearly 10 pennyweight of difference. The increase will allow for a more stable and secure ring for the gemstone. Since the tanzanite was out of the setting, we took advantage to have it polished carefully to enhance the appearance of the ring. Once the wax is carved to specification, the mold is sent to be cast in virgin 18k yellow gold and the jewlery repair has begun.

Diamond Jewelry Repair

Once casted, the ring returns to our master jewelry repair team - who combined has over 40 years of experience repairing jewlery of all types. The ring is then hand filed to remove any burrs and begin smoothing out the ring. A center square inside the setting is cut to allow the culet of the tanzanite to rest securely. The purpose of this portion of the jewelry repair is so to have light reflect through the tanzanite for clarity as well as to allow for cleaning of build up around the stone.

This process is very meticulous and requires patients and good dexterity. The ring is then polished to bring out the luster of the ring and prepared for the setting of the stone. The tanzanite is squared with a bit of a curve, so the jeweler must file the setting precisely to ensure a safe housing for the gemstone. Once set, the jeweler gives the ring a light pass on the polish wheel to give it one last shine.

The client was overly pleased with the result of his new ring. The new ring provided a sense of security with its more robust body. The stone popped more with the polishing it was given and stood out from the ring to give it a great contrast.


Gray and Sons Jewelers is your choice for all jewelry repairs, modifications and detailing.


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Gray & Sons Jewelers is located across from the prestigious Bal Harbour Shops, the world-famous luxury mall that is home to boutiques for such brands as Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Harry Winston, Bvlgari, David Yurman, Tiffany, and more. Gray & Sons Jewelers repairs and polishes jewelry from these and most other brands. Visit us and enjoy a hot coffee or espresso while you buy, sell, trade, or consign your estate and fine jewelry and watches.

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Once you receive the box and send your watch, one of our Master Watchmakers will evaluate it and contact you with a free estimate. If you approve of the estimate we will proceed with the repair, which generally takes 2-3 weeks.
If you wish to repair at a different time we will ship the watch back to you at no cost to you.