Breathing New Life: Gray & Sons' Bracelet Restoration Services

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It’s true that the heart of a fine watch lies within the soul and inner workings of its movement. But there’s no getting around the fact that its bracelet is where the rubber meets the road. If you’re the kind of person that truly wears a watch the way it’s meant to be worn, then you know that eventually it’ll start to show signs of aging. More often than not, the bracelet or band is the first piece of a watch that will exhibit these signs of wear.

Today, we’d like to give you a detailed look at the extensive procedure Gray & Sons follows throughout our very own bracelet restoration process. We’d also like to introduce you to our master jeweler Diego Bolon and join him as he restores the worn and tattered bracelet on a beautiful 18k gold Rolex Day-Date.

Before developing their newer bracelet designs with the Oysterlock clasp system, Rolex incorporated older bracelet references in their sports models. These designs often suffered from elongation due to wear. This structural degradation is caused by a buildup of grime, dirt, dust, and other contaminants getting in between the links of the bracelet. As the bracelet flexes through daily wear, these contaminants essentially work as cutting compounds that wear down both the links and the pins.

Eventually, this results in the “Rolex stretch” that’s associated with many of the classic Oyster and Jubilee style bracelets. Now, this isn’t something exclusive to Rolex watches. Watches from brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, which are also known for their intricate bracelet construction, also require restoration from time to time. That’s where Gray & Sons comes in.

The process begins by carefully disassembling each and every link. Every crevice is explored and every pin is removed one by one. Any pieces that are too worn are accounted for and replaced with new ones. It’s quite the process and that’s the kind of attention to detail we are very proud of. Once the bracelet is taken apart, every single component is hand polished, refurbished, and restored back to “like-new” condition.

Bracelet Restoration Services

Reassembly is just as meticulous. Each piece is refitted with the perfect amount of pressure and tension link by link. This ensures proper fitting, elimination of stretch, and a bracelet that feels like it just rolled out of the factory. Additionally, the watch’s deployment clasp is completely reconstructed, which can often become loose and unreliable due to years of operation. The bracelet is cleaned thoroughly once again and the factory polish is restored.

Upon completion, it’s hard to believe that you’re even looking at the same watch. Every pin, every link, is restored to factory specs and your watch is left with a new lease on life. This is the kind of expertise that sets Gray & Sons apart from the rest. So if you’re interested in restoring the bracelet on your watch, stop by today! One of our Swiss trained watchmakers will be happy to help.

Customer reviews

Rolex client bracelet restoration

Keith just wanted to let you know I’m very pleased the Watch looks just like it did in 1984 after I upgraded the Florentine finish and the links are just like New. Very tight. I think I will send my wife’s watch for the same. ~Pud R

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